About Us

What is PoweroadBD?

Poweroad is a sourcing and original equipment manufacturing company. We have started our journey as H&H associates. Poweroad has been importing/exporting/manufacturing international standard bicycle, bicycle parts and sanitary items ever since the 1980s. We have survived not only four decades, but also the evolved into original equipment manufacturers. We were always massively popular in Bangladesh with our quality products and services and more recently with our original equipment manufacturing from China and India. We have established commercial relations with many renowned companies such as Avon, Hero, KYDY, Lesso, Era and others. Our endless list of satisfied consumers and suppliers still goes on.

Why would you be a consumer of our product?

It is a long established fact that quality is the number one priority since the beginning of Poweroad. The point of using our products is our marketing, retail, wholesale and designing team. We use the best possible parts and raw materials from around the globe to produce our products in a reasonable price. Increase of demand for Poweroad bicycles in Bangladesh was only possible through our sincerity, hard work and happy customers of Poweroad.

Where does it come from?

Our handful of suppliers helps us to make best bicycle/ parts/ sanitary items. We manufacture/ source our product from Malaysia, Taiwan, India , Japan and China. We have struggled for improvement of our product through ergonomics, aesthetics and pricing. You have come to the right place if you are looking for quality bicycle/ sanitary items in best possible price.

How to become a part of Poweroad?

You can also become a part of proud Poweroad family. We have wholesalers, distributors and retailers for MTB/BMX bicycles, parts and sanitary items in every district of Bangladesh. You can contact us to become one of our proud distributors with unlimited benefits.

We also provide online retail purchase through home delivery for BMX and MTB bicycles.

Any faulty products will be replaced if its complained within 7 days of delivery. Dismiss